Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kenna Girl had her 4th birthday at Kips Gymnastics. So much fun the kids had just jumping around for 1.5 hrs. Sweaty-sweet messes is exactly what they were! Lilly really did not want to jump or bounce or run or tumble, but since Jen and Stan love to have their kiddos birthday parties anywhere else but their house...Lills had to suck it up and MOVE! My camera died at the gym, so I could not get any of her RUNNING, really RUNNING around the the place. Luckily I had to go back home to get Derek after the gym so I grabbed some batteries. I was then able to take more pics.

Baby Andrew...can I call him that anymore since he is can now fit into hand-me-downs from Drew which came from Tyler. Dear lord, I bought that shirt for Ty! That shirt is at least 8 years old!

Look at baby Lucas! I have not seen him in months! I swear those Giangrande kids walk so quickly! Ya, he is licking the matte, but you know what I mean:)

We are sad that they moved and Drew asks all of the time when Tati will come back to visit, so it was awesome to see the Thomas kids!

Later, we went to Jen's house to watch Makenna open her gifts, eat pizza, have ice cream, listen to the kids yell, ALMOST fall off the trampoline, and listen to a HUGE LOUD thump or two from the second story as us four adults talk about life and how nice it was to not have to keep an eye on the kids at every moment.

**Oh wait, we actually did have another kid to look after that just learned how to army crawl! Up went the toys, little Legos, papers, and debris**

Look what Lil is wearing on her feet...those slippers that when you walk have the eyelids lift to expose their eyes. Yay, those. The kids loved walking with them.

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