Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Money Wedding

Arron and Ashley got married! They had their ceremony at the Mormon Temple in San Diego and the next day was the dessert reception. Arron is the brother of one of our neighbors and we were very honored that they invited us to share in their day!

I have to add that I love hall receptions at Mormon churches....not quite sure why, but I do:)

Of course, I did not get a couple picture while in the greeting line, but I did get this...

Also, I have to say that this was probably one of the best hall weddings receptions that I have ever been to. The colors were great and I forgot I was even in a 'gym.' When Arron and Ashley would tell people the color/theme of the wedding many of them thought it would not come together, but it really did. It was very bright and nice. Of course the kids danced, we ate dessert...yes, I did too! I even saw Mr. & Mrs Mitchell and Mr. & Mrs. Underwood who I have not seen since high school! Jamie and Kevin I had so much fun talking to your parents!

Conragts Mr. & Mrs. Money!

A special touch that Aron and Ashley did was pay tribute to fallen soldiers. Arron was in the Army (may still be in the reserve, I forget) and toured in the Iraq War where one of his friends (also a local in our area) died.
I wish I had taken the picture from a further distance because it was roped off. I actually cried a bit, it was so touching.

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