Saturday, August 18, 2012

American Flag Party!

Yes, our 5 year old wanted to ring in being five by having an "American Flag" themed birthday party! At first I was not very excited about the theme and it took some convincing from Derek to do it. "It is what she wants," is what he kept saying to me for weeks before the invites were to go out. I think I was in 'theme denial' because I did the unthinkable thing...I did not even send out invites! I know I am busy, but I ALWAYS send out invites! This time I just sent out an email to family and a few friends with the information for the party. I am so mad at myself for doing that, but at least it was not an Evite. Yes, I have used Evites for family days, but NEVER for a birthday/wedding/baptism. I understand if some do that, but I do not think I am ready to give up the process of invites. It is some thing so personal and lovely to get in the mail.

Why not Lala Loopsy or something else! Anything else! But she LOVES the flag and even though she may not realize what it represents I think it is really very cute. Just think about if she gets older and does some sort of public works...she can always pull out the scrapbook and show her dedication to the 'red/white/blue.' Now I am starting to sound like my mom! haha

This time I got a few more pics than normal...last few parties I have had close to none! Oh, and at least I got a Lala Loopsy cake made, but it had to be red/white/blue. The cake was a hit and if you do not think it looks like a lala, then look them up and you will see the HUGE head is pretty accurate!

One of the pictures shows people trying to hold the cake together. Explanation; it was over 100degrees that day and we were shocked that the cake held as long as it did in the heat. It was about 78 in the house, but the rice crispy head could only take so much!

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