Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Preview of the 4th?

Anyone that REALLY knows Em you will know that when she really does not want to do something or is afraid of something she lets everyone hear her LOUD scream, she crunches her nose (like I do), holds on to my clothes as hard as she can, and of course... cries for me.

Kinder play-date last Thursday....

Huge tears and her adorable face smashed into me!

She would not put her name on the sign and you can see from the below pic how she was all by herself with chalk...her eyes were all puffy!

Yet, at the end of 30min she took at picture with some of the other girls, but would not take the one with Thomas and the girls. Even though Thomas is the son of her doctor!

I do not think Em knew/cared about Thomas because right when she saw Dr. Wu she became a little less tense. I wonder if it is because Dr. Wu has never told her something that ended up being wrong, or that Dr Wu is someone that she trusts, or someone that makes her feel better? I could take offense, but hell.......Dr. Wu does make her feel better, has never told her something that ends up being false (ie, stand there and we will look at the pretty pictures while I touch your tummy and it will not hurt), and she has always been someone she can trust. Or could it be that over 5 years I have told her how awesome going to the doctors is (I really doubt this is the reason)....oh and the people that give the shots are the nurses! Who really does know the mind of a 5yr old!

We find out on Thursday who her teacher is and if she has a late/early bird start at school. Derek and I keep telling her how much fun school is going to be and how much all of the other kids are going to like her and how she is going to have so many friends. This is all typical stuff you say to your child to get them comfortable for school. However, I do not think either strategy with Em; if we hype it up or ignore it will really work. We are just going to see how it goes on the 4th! I am hoping the park preview is just a fluke that we can laugh about. Maybe I should ask my mom!!!

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