Thursday, August 2, 2012

Angel Stadium Tour

I never knew that at Angel Stadium they conduct tours! I am pretty sure that the tour was my last outing with the MOMS Club, which I have been with since shortly after Lilly was born. It was fun while it lasted, but I have outgrown it. I am so happy I met some lovely ladies and I know I will continue to see them at social functions, sporting events, and a few at a wine bar!

So, this was FUN! Derek was so jealous that he could not go. I got some great pics to show him and now that we know you can do this kind of stuff at many stadiums around the country I would not be surprised if we head out on a road trip or two to see others. We were actually going to go to AT&T up in SF, but it did not work out.

During the tour we got to go to the visiting teams locker room, go into the dug out, but could not walk the track due to new grass being put down, we got to go through tunnels, see where the players go potty during the game (I should have gotten a pic of that), up to the press boxes, and even got to see where the umps are held.

The umps were an interesting story. Not only are they located in the same hallway as the dug out suites (starting price of those are in the 6 figures!), but no one can talk to them, people are screened by the FBI, they have their own bathrooms and eatery, and when they go out to the field everything down there stops! I never realized how protected they are. Not only for their own security, but so that people do not BRIBE them! After the games they are even walked to their cars. Pretty interesting.

***for all of the flat screens and security checks, they still have these in the press boxes, a little strange!**

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