Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Our 5 year old!!

Where did 5 years go? Emma turned 5!!! Our Emma..aka MoMo, Toe, beautiful girl, Em, Mo, MoMo Potato. Yes, all of those names for a 5 year old!

I can not believe this beautiful girl of mine is 5. She starts kinder in a month! OMG, Lilly is almost three! Drew is 6.5! I think I need a glass of wine!! haha, I will wait.

Emma is a very busy person. Always organizing, lining things up, listening to Adel, hanging out in her bed...aka 'Mo tower', swimming, playing dress up and drawing with chalk, she loves to ride her scooter and her new plasma car, she loves Hello Kitty, she loves drawing things then hanging them up with tape (drives me crazy but I have given a point), she loves her friends and her cousin Hannah, and sleeping in with mommy. She is a joy in the morning, just like her momma...haha it is opposite day. She may have the most annoying cry in the world, the sound is horrible, but she always has had it. She may not have those 'steel blue' eyes anymore, but now they are my shade of green. She may not have much hair but it reminds me of Patty's when she was little. She may sing like her Auntie Em (like a dying animal), but all I have to say is thank goodness she can dance!!

Yes, this girl can dance! She dances so much and loves it all. I am so happy I did not put her in anything else. I have Tatiana to thank for suggesting the dance academy that both of my girls go to. Emma could stay there all day! She is always dancing and wearing her leo's. Our dancing fool even opened her first 'early' birthday present from Auntie Patty, Uncle Clint and cousin Cody (I love writing that) right after a dress rehersal for her show in a leo!

Thank you Auntie Patty, Uncle Clint, and Cody for the gift. I love it and so does everyone else on the block! ***look at the boots. she saw those in a box which she was not suppose to see/get until her birthday at the ranch, oh well***

The above picture is Em talking to Grandpa (my dad) while we were driving to Lake Shasta from Santa Cruz. Em never talks on the phone, but this day she did all day.

I had Michelle grab me a cake from Costco so the entire Lee Family could sing to her on her special day. What made it even more special was that she got to sing with her Great-Auntie Sandie, who's birthday was on the 20th of July.

I have no pics of her flowers daddy gave her, but there were five this year. I also want to mention that this is the 2nd time out of 5 that Em has been in the mountains on her birthday!

Now we look forward to her "American Flag" birthday party...yes, you read that correctly.

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