Saturday, August 11, 2012

We went to the fair! Our visit this year was not a long one. It was HOT all day and once we got there at around 7:30pm, we were pretty beat from getting ready for Em's birthday party. Also, I forgot Lilly's stroller. She hardly uses it, but with the crowd and 2adults for 5 kids we REALLY needed that dang red stroller.

The fair was fun and I only got a few pictures before my camera's batteries died. I was taking a picture of all of the new (and smelly) piglets that were born with in the past month when my camera died. I was pissed! I even checked my batteries before we left. Oh well. Having my camera die saved me a few calories from the turkey leg I wanted to get a picture with while shoving its meat in my mouth. Thinking about it now, ya..I am happy no picture was taken. I guess I will have to wait until the Renisance Fair to get a leg.

Then again, I could have been eating this!

Thank goodness I did not eat any of the above! I am also happy we did not go on any rides! I am not a fan of fair/carnival rides. I have seen way to many reality/new programs that show what can happen on a farris wheel.

Oh look at Hailee's face! It is horrible not being able to go to Subway for dinner!

I was tired, so I stopped and got a Red Bull...big mistake! I am up and ready to "really want to sleep, but can not!" toss and turn. I think the kids are excited for the party too, they went to bed very late.

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