Friday, August 17, 2012

TDAD, Performance 2012!

Lilly had her first dance performance! Emma's forth. The theme was 'Decades and Circus.' It was great!!!! Hello, I gave it 4 "explanation points" in the previous sentence.

There is nothing I can say that will let you know how much I love watching my kids. I think dance performance at this age, if not in competition dance, is a little different than sports, because there are many practices and games that the parents can watch. At TDAD the parents get at the min two times a year (actually one year they did not have the babies perform) and if we are lucky then we get one performance at the mall or the fair. Moms and dads tearing up is a common thing that happens during the shows. You can not call them recitals either because...well, you can't they are pieces of art that take months and months to perpare. Em was in 14 dances total and Lilly was in two. Em was all over the place and had some very fast quick changes. Em even got to have a lead in a dance and a pairing! So is just so beautiful!

**not all of the costumes, well I think not all of them**

Em with some of her friends,

Pictures of three of the four dressing rooms, no pic of the big kids. They are hot messes during the show!:)

Em and Ms Krista who dances with NBT.

This year I got to take both of the girls to Chili's for a quick bite to eat. It is right down the street from the theater and for three shows now Em and I head down to have mac & cheese, fried cheese, a milk shake, mommy gets a salad and of course I have a glass of wine...sometimes 2! Everyone does it, I just admit to it! haha.

Another change this time around was that Derek and Drew came to watch the girls for both shows (they had four total during both days, two the same and the other two the same) and they came with us to dinner too. I GUESS I did not have a choice:)hehe

**last pic, gotta love Em's closed eyes, but look at LILLY!**

The girls also had many visitors to see them dance their hearts out. Many that normaly could not make it due to work/moving/other plans/vacation/and for many Lee's still at the family reunion that we left early from. Even at such a young age I know that my little ones love the support. Like I wrote earlier, this only happens a few times a year. Thank you Grandma, Nana, Papa, Saige, Kels, Ms Amanda, Daddy, Drew,and Auntie Chow for coming to see them dance!

I have already order pictures of the girls in a few of their costumes and can not wait to get them! I even got some poses with them together!

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