Monday, March 28, 2011

Blog Challenge, Nick Names

I have a very non-nickname name, Sara. I love my name, but heck what can you do with that? For example Andrew. He is called Andrew, Drew, Andy, and Drew-Drew. He even has a nickname for his middle name. Clint and Patty call him Topher from Christopher. Me, well I got Sara. My sisters recieved names from our parents that have many nicknames, but not me! Emilee has Emma/Em/Emmi/Emma delima/mammas. Patricia has Pat/Patty/PattyAnn/PatriciaAnn. I guess I hold some sort of resentment or something, haha. Mommy, I love you:)

I do have some nicknames though, but they are a mix of words. Here they are...

Sar, Sarabear, Sarbear, Sara Lynneyyy, Pepe, Saratins, Tins, Booty, Poof, and Hotrounds.

Can you guess which ones were given by Derek? I do not even know if he calls me Sara except for when he is mad at me!! haha

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