Thursday, March 3, 2011

Drew Turned FIVE!

I remember when riding our beach cruisers to get some beer from the liqueur store a friend told me she knew I was way I thought. Then not so many days later I found out I was pregnant with Andrew. I was with Tyler and he cried because he did not want to stop being my favorite was so sweet. I called Derek to tell him (I really should have done it differently) and he brought me home a pastrami sandwich from The Hat, he did this with all three kids. Derek and I could not believe it! Then the sickness started, sciatic nerve problems, high blood pressure, oh the heartburn, bloated get the point. How we ended up with three kids, is still shocking to me. My sweet husband, do you miss rubbing my feet?

Now five years later we have a polite, sweet, independent, active little boy. He hates time outs, getting spanked, having to share with his sisters, and hearing the word no. He loves M&M's, Netflicks, cereal, donuts, his grandma (his friend), playing outside, all of his friends, superheros, Nerf guns...well he loves life!


Bubby at 1 year.

Drew-Drew at 2 years.

Topher at 3 years

Big Boy at 4 years

Our 5 year old!!


terenjaxandteegan said...

Awwwwwe Happy Birthday Drew!

Rebecca Titone said...

Happy Birthday Drew!

MRSB said...

Happy b-day. What a wonderful 5 years.

Farnes Family Four said...

I love him!!Especially his 5 year old hair!!