Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kyle's Viewing

Some people were asking how it was at Kyle's viewing last Wednesday. Here it goes.

Mike came down, Derek got off of work early, I had to take Drew and Lilly down to HB then Em to Linda's (they all stayed away for the night), I came home got dressed made dinner, Kelly came over...we all had a glass of wine.

We then headed over to John's. We met up with a lot of people and did a caravan over to the mortuary. **This was kind of strange because I felt like we were all in our early 20's again headed to a party, but we were not**

Then the tears and hugs became numerous. I have never seen any of these men cry, it was horrible. There was no avoiding Kyle, he was right there, he was right there...well, his shell was. He looked like he was sleeping, just not moving. Of course, we hugged Debbie and Courtney, shook hands and said hello to people we had not seen for some time. Then people started to get a little mad at Kyle, why did he have to succumb to his addiction? Why did not all of the talking and trying to help him work? Oh his poor mother, father and sister! Then these words, "he is not struggling any more," came from someone. It is still hard to accept, but ya know those words ring truth. Kyle was a good man, but never got the chance to shake his demons. He struggle so hard. He never saw Lillian because he told Derek he did not want him to see him like that. However, to see him laying in that box was horrible...he was so young!

Here is a picture of the guys with Debbie and Courtney. It was so strange to take a picture (I almost did not, then did) when Kyle was there on the left hand side. However, ALL of these men had been in Kyle's life for so many years. For Derek it was since he was 11 years old. Debbie and Courtney will always have these guys, they are all good men.

We then headed back to John's for a celebration of his life. It was very nice with lots of food, drinks, and stories about Kyle. It was just really nice. Even Kyle's ex-girlfriends were there. That was nice to see them, because if anyone had those very special moments with him, they did. Those that were there were his true friends.

Then we headed to Rembrandt's (we had not been there in years) were we had a few more drinks then headed home. Here is a picture of Joleen (John's sis) and I. The other pictures I took I am not posting. Out of control.

The next day Derek looked at me and said, "that really happened right?" I have no clue as to how Derek must really be feeling. The anniversary of his dad's passing at a young age is in a few days and now one of his oldest friends has passed at a young age. To have the person who helped you come into this world and to have another who knew all of your secrets, fears, crushes, the good and bad parts of your life die.....I just shake my head.

Then this past weekend we had Drew's 5th birthday party. A lot of the same people were at the party to celebrate Drew turning 5 that were there on Wednesday for Kyle. There were also some people that could not make it to the viewing of Kyle at Drew's party. It was strange in a way. More stories, but I am sure they will not end.

Derek and I know that death is a part of life. Young or old. I have known people that have lost parents when both were young and I have known people that have lost dear friends. This is Derek and my first experience with this, so thank you for the love and support.


MRSB said...

I'm so happy you took the picture. You will treasure it in the years to come.

terenjaxandteegan said...

Again, sorry for your loss. What a beautiful memorial.