Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 1, Blog Challenge

I saw this yesterday on Teren's blog and I do not know anyone else that is doing it and thought...why not. I am going to see if any of my blogging friends will join in the fun. BTW, Teren's blog is private so you all can not look at hers:) HOWEVER, Suzie, Em, Suzie, Dar, RTP, Meg and Sara 2...come on and do it!!!!!

Day One- Picture, introduce, and list 15 things about yourself.....

I took this pic about 5min ago, first try...not great, but is me. Love how I got Derek in the background!

1. I can not believe I have a blog.
2. I love god, my husband, my children, friends, and family. This really does not even need to be written.
3. I hate bathing suits.
4. I use to tan and now I just become one big freckle.
5. My husband always goes to sleep before me...I hate it, but I am a late owl. Do not get me wrong we may go to bed at the same time (wink, wink) but I usually get back out of bed:)
6. I love to have parties and people at my house.
7. I hate to clean (I use to love it) because with three kids I feel like that is all I do...such a rat race!
8. I love to drink wine, coffee, dt coke and of course H2O!!!
9. I really miss my sisters that live so far away!
10.I am a stay at home mommy who has some REALLY bad days with the kids and I am not afraid to share that. Many are, but life is not perfect.
11.I want to reach 85 years old and then I will be good to go and hang out with God (Derek has to make it to 87, haha).
12.I would keep having kids if it was not so expensive and I did not have 3 sections already.
13.I HATE my arms!
14.I do not like to run (just like cleaning) but it is a means to an end...so I must stick with it.
15.I love this one....I do not own an Ipad, an Ipod (anything like that), I do not even know how to work my fancy G2 (Drew knows more than me!), or an actual DVD player! We do have all of the XBox stuff and Wii stuff:)


MRSB said...

Good job Sara. I like your honestly about the good and the not so good. Most people are uncomfortable about letting people know the not so good feelings. You're a risk taker.

Teren, Jaxson, and Teegan! said...

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Sorry my blog is private, damn SH! haha. Love you are doing this.